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Forward & Reverse Logistics

As a 3PL provider, we optimize logistics. Develop your business intelligence where it matters most – your customers.

Supply Chain

We create solutions that help your business thrive! Leverage our supply chain expertise today!

Our Third Party
Logistics Service the Globe

Our Third Party
Logistics Service the Globe

  • FTG International optimizes the distribution and return process. Global technology firms enjoy a positive customer experience and efficient order fulfillment. We’ve surpassed the competition with our approach toward comprehensive data integrity and outperformed efficiency measures with targeted KPIs. 
  • We’ve taken the initiative. We know reducing your carbon footprint is an important goal in your business model. Shipping parts are known to become lost in translation attributing to waste. With enhanced data accuracy we can ensure your product is continuously tracked. Our reverse logistics minimizes our environmental impact, extends a product’s life cycle, and improves the flow of the circular economy in the process. 
  • We have supply chain solutions. Your business may support an emerging and innovative consumer technology or maintain strong demand for highly produced electronic components. We specialize in navigating the global supply chain and providing tailored solutions for your business’s needs.

Brokerage Services

Global Shortage Sourcing

We utilize our global network of trusted suppliers to support our customer's critical needs with short lead times.


Using our knowledge and expertise we can harvest the most hard-to-find parts when the traditional supply chain fails.

Supplier Consolidation

Finding critical parts is a tough enough feat on its own. Let us simplify your procurement process and deliver a consistent product .

MPI Support

New and current model service parts can be hard to locate. Lean on our expertise to help support your new products.


Your success is our success. We work hard to identify and deliver cost savings through price point variance opportunities.

Supported Brands

Excess Inventory Management


We offer a cost recovery program for vendors who want to recover the cost of surplus inventory and reinvest in their business. We ensure transparency throughout the process through monthly reports.

Purchase Excess & Obsolete

With our large global customer base, we offer our vendors the highest returns when inventory reaches excess status or becomes.

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